Argyle Data

Argyle Data is used by the world’s leading mobile operators to detect the fraud, profit, and SLA threats that cost the industry $38 billion dollars per year. Argyle Data’s industry-leading native Hadoop application suite uses the latest Hadoop and machine learning technologies, proven at Facebook and Google, to identify the revenue threats and attack patterns being waged against mobile networks in real time.


After doing extensive research on the successful approaches taken by large, data-driven companies in other industries (including Facebook and Google), Argyle Data believe that a CSP’s new architecture needs to encompass a shift.

  • A shift from rules to rules and machine learning
  • A shift from batch to real-time analytics
  • A shift from proprietary architectures to Hadoop
  • A shift from data silos to a data lake
  • A shift from flat world analytics to graph analysis

To successfully undertake this stack shift, it is critical to have a deep understanding of the following three areas:


A CSP Data Lake: First and Foremost, it’s all about the data. To do this effectively requires integrating many types of data into a data lake.

  • Batch Billing Data (TD.35, CDR, TAP3)
  • Real Time Call Packets (ISUP, BSSAP, MAP)
  • Real Time Fixed Call Packets (ISUP, Diameter)
  • Real Time VoIP Call Packets (SIP, H.323, Diameter)
  • Real Time Data Packets (GTP, Diameter)
  • Business Data (CRM, Billing)

After connecting all relevant data in a data lake, it is then possible to use machine learning to discover anomalous behavior in real time, uncovering revenue threats in a way not previously possible.

  • Real-Time Feature Enrichment
  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection
  • Real-Time Fraud Alerts

The next generation of data-driven applications will have to be Hadoop native in order to survive against sophisticated, modern attacks.

  • Performance
  • Full Secondary Indexing

Features in Argyle Data FMS:-

Argyle Data Fraud Management System do not required any rules to detect frauds. Machine Learning and algorithms find frauds for you without any limitations. Machine Learning keeps on optimizing itself depending upon fraud scenarios. Since machine learning keeps on optimizing itself, there are less false positive

In Argyle Fraud Management System you do not have to write SQL queries, as the system is built on big data platform (Hadoop). So, Analyst do not need to run any queries on Backend database.

In Argyle Fraud Management System, data lakes can be expanded as per requirement and keep records for ‘n’ number of time. (No disk space related issues)

Argyle Fraud Management System is connected with finest BI tool (Tableau) for dashboards and reports, which showcase and generate dashboards & reports in a enhanced way than any other BI tool.

Argyle Fraud Management System has capability to process and store 2Billion records/sec, so processing of records is faster and there are no errors as in traditional systems.

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