Corporate Fraud

Fraud and financial crime schemes are increasing in frequency and sophistication. The growth in fraud is spurred by both opportunistic individuals (employees and customers) and sophisticated criminal organizations which are global, professional, and experts at monetizing stolen information.
CyberForce mines millions of records in seconds and using algorithms risk scores and detects corporate account takeover, privileged user compromise, malicious insider activity or other threat at account or transaction level so you can take immediate action and prevent a cyber disaster. It detects anomalous activity to prevent massive data or IP loss, not just financial loss from a transaction. Fraud detection systems are limited to financial loss and transactions, not cyber risk. CyberForce comes with scenario studio to detect the most critical cyber threat scenarios and is quickly configured to detect cyber risk specific to a particular financial institution.
IBM Counter Fraud Management
The IBM® Counter Fraud Management solution is designed to help businesses and government agencies proactively intercept and prevent attempted fraud and financial crimes while detecting, identifying, and building the case against fraudulent activity, and meeting compliance requirements. Looking at counter fraud operations as an entire lifecycle, this IBM solution introduces advanced analytics and deep investigative analysis throughout the entire management process.

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