Document Fraud

Using revolutionary technology, Pyramid can now help organization detect fake, tampered, fraudulent or digitally replicated documents in an automated manner.

  • Checks, Pay Orders & Demand Drafts
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Property Collaterals
  • Stamp papers
  • Education Board Certificates
  • Immigration & Visa
  • Licenses
  • Wills
  • Birth & Death Certificates
  • Medical Certificates
  • Security Passes

This revolutionary Digitized Document Fraud Detection technology unique identities fake or real in few micro seconds without any human expert opinion or time consuming and destructive chemical or expensive spectral analysis methods.

Document  manipulation and tampering has been a paradigm shift in the form of Digitized Document Frauds (DDF).Digitized Document Fraud is defined as the process of scanning any conventional document, editing the scanned image to get the desired changes using easily available image processing software and finally printing the document using easily available image processing software and finally printing the document using printer.

Examples of DDF include generating fake currency , checks, stamp papers, property documents, educational certificates, degree, will, licenses, immigration & visa documents, legal agreements, security passes, badges, postal stamps, tickets, documents, coupons and vouchers etc. The list goes on.

Digitized document fraud scenarios

There are three ways in which Digitized document Frauds can occur

  1. Scan & Reproduce (Generate Replica/duplicate)
  2. Scan, Change (or edit) and print
  3. Scan, Add & print

The solution

  • The Digitized Document Fraud Detection solution automatically identifies and detect fake, tampered, manipulated or altered documents
  • The input to the DDF detection system is a controlled scanned image of the document to be examined and the output is simple answer of fake or real
  • The advanced version of this product is able to identify the source artifact such as scanner or printer used for committing such fraud
  • The secured QR code version of the product not only verifies genuineness but is also able to spot and highlight the difference.
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