How pyramid is different

Pyramid today is uniquely positioned to address the fast growing Digital Forensics and Information Security market place.

By virtue of its specialised skills, possessed & acquired knowledge,experience, innovative solutions and exclusive partnerships, Pyramid has created an unfair advantage and benefits to its customers while delivering an unprecedented value for its shareholders and enough entry barriers for its competitors.

Solutions and services from Pyramid are aimed at problem solving and need fulfillment rather than a sales push. Through its initiatives and committed service delivery Pyramid resolves issues which are mission and time critical to its client’s business or operations.

Pyramid believes in innovation and excellence in service delivery while account management and relationship with customer are cornerstones of Pyramid’s philosophy.

Pyramid treats prospects and customers as long term assets, more as partners rather than an outsourcing vendor or consultant to them and with that approach our cost of customer acquisition and repeat business is way below the industry peers.

Pyramid being an integral part of the growing knowledge economy constantly makes sure that its Human Capital is managed well.Pyramid is an equal opportunity employer and is a fun place to work. We let innovation breed all the time. New ideas and out of box thinking is encouraged and implemented.

Continued education and training and an emphasis on continuous learning has kept the company on cutting edge of technology.Pyramid is making significant investments in enabling its Solution Architects, Implementers, Digital Investigation and Security experts to develop and deploy innovative Forensic Digital Investigation tools, methodologies, models and frameworks to offer the following benefits to its customers.

  1. Educating and enabling clients to maintain prevent, detect, report and resolve security incidents and digital crime.
  2. Quicker deployments,intuitive evidence search and ease of use
  3. Re-usable and Scalable standards based technology agnostic solutions
  4. Significantly bring down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Pyramid has developed a successful Plan-Do-Act-Analyze model of solution delivery and creates POC and Pilots before scaling. This avoids any surprises and cultural shocks while optimizing the processes.

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