Smoke Screen Smoke Screen

Smokescreen – What it does?

  • Smokescreen brings deception — the military tactic that has succeeded for centuries to the digital battlefield.
  • It creates virtual ‘pots of gold’ across your network.
  • Uncovers stealthy reconnaissance before an attack even begins.
  • Real-time, false-alarm free alerts boost security team productivity and efficiency.
  • Reconstructs attacks in simple English, reducing analysis time to minutes.
  • Makes hundreds of realistic decoys, each customised for your company.
  • Forensically preserves every data packet, stolen password, or malware sample used in the attack.

Layered Protection – Decoys across layers

Threat Intel Decoys: External facing decoys that detect pre-attack reconnaissance. They only alert on targeted attacks, not random Internet scans.

Persona Decoys: Fake personas of high-value employees that are likely to be phished. Detect spear-phishing attacks and forensically save email evidence.

Credential Decoys: Dummy credentials injected into endpoint memory in an agentless manner for hackers to find when escalating privileges. They alert whenever they are used.

Network Decoys: Fake workstations and servers running real services, not emulations. They mimic your real database servers, web-applications, file-shares and more.

Data Decoys: Microsoft Office documents embedded with a tracker that can be placed on high-value target systems. they raise a silent alarm when opened.

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