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Pyramid provides a comprehensive portfolio of fraud management solutions & services to help you manage the entire life cycle of banking frauds, document frauds, telecomm fraud. Pyramid is your single touch point to a world of risk data intelligence, powerful analytics customized to your region and industry. Pyramid  can help you accept more good orders, streamline operations, and minimize payment risk. Pyramid provides products, solutions and services to detect, investigation and mitigate frauds.


Prophecy is a revolutionarily predictive Analytics solution aimed for Anti national Element Information gathering, Cognitive Learning for Data Analytics, AuthShield Authentication, Link Analysis and Pattern Matching. Read More


Iyka’s job is to translate all information into knowledge that you and your organization can use to share knowledge, manage risk, and power decisions and actions that drive performance.

Your organization has been collecting data for months—maybe years– with the goal of someday putting it to good use. So what’s stopping you:

  • You don’t need another responsibility.
  • There isn’t any guarantee you’ll get the answers you need.
  • There is no way to verify the accuracy of the results.
  • Compliance issues.
  • You have about zero technology expertise.
  • It seems like a risk.
  • Not sure where to start or what to do….

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Argyle Data

Argyle Data offers revenue threat analytics applications that help mobile providers protect themselves from fraud threats, profit threats, SLA threats, and forensic threats. Our native Hadoop applications use the latest big data and machine learning technologies to quickly identify previously unknown revenue threats.


After doing extensive research on the successful approaches taken by large, data-driven companies in other industries (including Facebook and Google), Argyle Data believe that a CSP’s new architecture needs to encompass a shift.

  • A shift from rules to rules and machine learning
  • A shift from batch to real-time analytics
  • A shift from proprietary architectures to Hadoop
  • A shift from data silos to a data lake
  • A shift from flat world analytics to graph analysis

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Document Fraud

This revolutionary Digitized Document Fraud Detection technology unique identities fake or real in few micro seconds without any human expert opinion or time consuming and destructive chemical or expensive spectral analysis methods.

Document  manipulation and tampering has been a paradigm shift in the form of Digitized Document Frauds (DDF).Digitized Document Fraud is defined as the process of scanning any conventional document, editing the scanned image to get the desired changes using easily available image processing software and finally printing the document using easily available image processing software and finally printing the document using printer.

Examples of DDF include generating fake currency , checks, stamp papers, property documents, educational certificates, degree, will, licenses, immigration & visa documents, legal agreements, security passes, badges, postal stamps, tickets, documents, coupons and vouchers etc. The list goes on. Read More

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