eTHIC – End to End audit lifecycle automation

eTHIC is a web based application covering complete Audit cycle of a financial institution, i.e. from Planning / Scheduling to Audit Closure, for any type of financial or non-financial audit. It is an end to end auditing platform that enables collaborative automation of audit across the enterprise. 

eTHIC Workflow:

  • Automatic generation of Audit Planning & Scheduling based on the various parameters like previous Inspection results and the Bank’s policy on frequency of audit
  • Risk rating is automatically done by the application in tune with the defined parameters as per organization’s policy
  • Provision to address previous audit pending points, with ability to analyse persisting irregularities
  • Enables management analysis of enterprise level, historical audit data


  • Fully integrated audit application suite
  • Availability of readily defined checklists – audit area / product wise
  • Ready integration with CBS, HRMS & other applications
  • Highly scalable, meets high volume performance requirements
  • User-configurable Email/SMS Alerts/Fax support
  • Dashboard/MIS/Historical reports as per the need


  • Reduces audit turnaround time
  • Enable quick and timely action on major expectations irregularities
  • Quick to deploy framework
  • Help analysis and tracking of multi-dimensional risk from branch level
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