Prophecy is a revolutionarily predictive Analytics solution aimed for

  • Anti national Element Information gathering.
  •  Cognitive Learning for Data Analytics.
  • AuthShield Authentication.
  • Link Analysis and Pattern Matching

ANE – Anti National Element Media Monitoring — Takes unstructured data from more than 1000 sources.

  • Does sentiment and Semantic Analysis
  • Media analysis across Internet cloud
  • Analyze profiles
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Analyze top trends, top users, timeline patterns

InnSight – Is the  Cognitive Learning for Data Analytics that does automatic analysis on huge amount of unstructured data

  • Extract Entities – People, Places Organizations from Data.
  • Extract Relationships between Entities
  • Performs Sentiments across the range of inputs
  • Bank A/C Numbers, Credit Card / Debit cards etc
    • Phone Numbers, mail id etc.
  • Analyze millions of documents together
  • Automatically extract intelligence – Training set can be defined by End User
  • Extract Entities from all dump data automatically
  • Run Structured Queries on Unstructured data – Filters on Entities

Finalytics : Is our Flagship Financial Fraud Analytics Product which does the following

  • Map Accounts to Company under Investigation, Directors, Related Parties etc
  • Flow of Money –
    • Company and Directors
    • Directors and Related Parties
    • Related Parties and Company
  • Pattern Matching to normalize Transaction Comment to Transfers, Returns, Cash, E-transfer, salary, investment, returns etc
  • Data Analytics to identify new accounts emerging in Investigation, match recipients with companies under investigation etc
  • Rule Set to normalize transaction comments – Complete control in the hands of the Organization

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