Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified boutique  Information Security, Digital Forensic & Fraud Management products, solutions & services company


Pyramid incorporated under the Indian Company act 1956 is a privately held corporation, promoted by seasoned parallel entrepreneurs.

Since inception Pyramid has been constantly building a team of experts who are preparing to take Pyramid from being a start-up a few years ago to a position of leadership in the niche space of Digital Crime, Fraud & Forensic Solutions and Services.

Pyramid helps customers in Government, Law Enforcement, and Enterprises to identify, prevent, detect, resolve and protect from threats, crimes, breaches & frauds arising due to misuse of digital & communication devices, applications, and technologies.


Pyramid provides next-generation Information Security, Digital Forensics and Counter Fraud Management offerings to prevent, detect, resolve, investigate and report white collar crimes, cyber-attacks, security breaches and corporate frauds.

Over last decade Pyramid has developed its own products and nurtured long-term partnerships with best of breed technologies coming from world’s leading Information Security, Digital Forensic and Fraud management technology domains to offer cutting-edge solutions & services to organizations across the globe.

Pyramid is credited with protecting & securing the information infrastructure of several organisations and has also helped various Law Enforcement Agencies by setting up some of the best and prestigious Digital Forensic Labs in Asia, Middle East & Africa.

Pyramid’s vision is to be a leader in the Information Security, Digital Forensics, & Fraud Management space.

Our Board Members

Arjun Malhotra


Bharat Gupte

Board Member

Nikhel Kochhar

Board Member

Vikash Varma

Board Member

Alok Gupta

Founder & CEO

Samir Gupta

Co-founder & Director