Fraud Management

Pyramid provides a comprehensive portfolio of fraud management solutions & services to help you manage the entire lifecycle of banking frauds, document frauds, telecom fraud. Pyramid is your single touch point to a world of risk data intelligence, powerful analytics customized to your region and industry.

Pyramid  can help you accept more good orders, streamline operations, and minimize payment risk. Pyramid provides products, solutions and services to detect, investigation and mitigate frauds. Fraud Management Solutions & Services.

Revenue Fraud

Argyle Data, the leader in native Hadoop applications for revenue threat analytics in mobile communications, and Pyramid Cyber Security and Forensic (Pyramid), a specialist provider of digital crime and fraud investigation solutions and services, have partnered together to provide an advanced fraud detection and resolution solution to telecom operators and Mobile Operators in India, the Middle East and Africa.
Revenue fraud is a critical problem and attackers are usually global players. Frauds like premium rates, individual victims incurring high bills, PBX hacking, and others are commonplace. FBI reports PBX hackers to pilfer nearly $5B from US companies, yearly.
ARGYLE is the First Big Data & Machine Learning based Revenue Threat Solution that can help Next Gen Communication Service Providers in mitigating fraud in their business / operational environments.

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Document Fraud

Using revolutionary technology, Pyramid can now help organization detect fake, tampered, fraudulent or digitally replicated documents in an automated manner.

  • Checks, Pay Orders & Demand Drafts
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Property Collaterals
  • Stamp papers
  • Education Board Certificates
  • Immigration & Visa
  • Licenses
  • Wills
  • Birth & Death Certificates
  • Medical Certificates
  • Security Passes

This revolutionary Digitized Document Fraud Detection technology unique identities fake or real in few microseconds without any human expert opinion or time consuming and destructive chemical or expensive spectral analysis methods.

Document manipulation and tampering has been a paradigm shift in the form of Digitized Document Frauds (DDF). Digitized Document Fraud is defined as the process of scanning any conventional document, editing the scanned image to get the desired changes using easily available image processing software and finally printing the document using easily available image processing software and finally printing the document using the printer.

Examples of DDF include generating fake currency, checks, stamp papers, property documents, educational certificates, degree, will, licenses, immigration & visa documents, legal agreements, security passes, badges, postal stamps, tickets, documents, coupons and vouchers etc. The list goes on.

Digitized document fraud scenarios

There are three ways in which Digitized document Frauds can occur

  1. Scan & Reproduce (Generate Replica/duplicate)
  2. Scan, Change (or edit) and print
  3. Scan, Add & print

The solution

  • The Digitized Document Fraud Detection solution automatically identifies and detect fake, tampered, manipulated or altered documents
  • The input to the DDF detection system is a controlled scanned image of the document to be examined and the output is a simple answer of fake or real
  • The advanced version of this product is able to identify the source artifact such as scanner or printer used for committing such fraud
  • The secured QR code version of the product not only verifies genuineness but is also able to spot and highlight the difference.

Corporate Fraud

Fraud and financial crime schemes are increasing in frequency and sophistication. The growth in fraud is spurred by both opportunistic individuals (employees and customers) and sophisticated criminal organizations which are global, professional, and experts at monetizing stolen information.

CyberForce mines millions of records in seconds and using algorithms risk scores and detects corporate account takeover, privileged user compromise, malicious insider activity or other threat at account or transaction level so you can take immediate action and prevent a cyber disaster. It detects anomalous activity to prevent massive data or IP loss, not just financial loss from a transaction. Fraud detection systems are limited to financial loss and transactions, not cyber risk. CyberForce comes with scenario studio to detect the most critical cyber threat scenarios and is quickly configured to detect cyber risk specific to a particular financial institution.

IBM Counter Fraud Management
The IBM® Counter Fraud Management solution is designed to help businesses and government agencies proactively intercept and prevent attempted fraud and financial crimes while detecting, identifying, and building the case against fraudulent activity, and meeting compliance requirements. Looking at counter fraud operations as an entire life cycle, this IBM solution introduces advanced analytics and deep investigative analysis throughout the entire management process.

Security Analytics and Threat Intelligence

Enterprises and Government agencies need to proactively safeguard digital assets comply with corporate and regulatory policy and control the internal and external risks associated with cyber theft, cyber fraud, cyber warfare and cyber espionage.

Pyramid solutions & services help government and enterprises in the prevention, protection, and resolution of threats & attacks, leakage of sensitive & confidential information and data.

Our Security Analytics Solution provides the correlation infrastructure to help identify the meaning of any given event by placing it within the context of who, what, where, when and why that event occurred and its impact on business risk. The user model that natively understands identities, roles and groups, and all the accounts that individuals within the organization use. The user model also allows administrators to correlate common identifiers like email addresses, login ids, and user accounts, and to report on all actions a user has taken across systems, applications, accounts and IP addresses.

Public safety solutions from IBM provide the optimum knowledge tools for modeling, assessing, and managing responses to the incidents and the people who pose danger. Through proven software tools, IBM solutions assist public safety agencies in collecting, storing, searching, and analyzing video, weather, criminal, and police data, and related geospatial information.

Through proven software tools, IBM solutions assist public safety agencies in collecting, storing, searching, and analyzing video, weather, criminal, and police data, and related geospatial information. These tools support public safety agencies in intelligence analysis, lead generation, threat assessment, interagency collaboration, and emergency planning.

CDR Mining

Mobile phone records have become an instrumental part of the evidence as well as Intelligence gathering in almost any investigation today ranging from Bomb Blasts to a murder or a kidnapping

CDR Analyzer (i2 Productivity Tool): It is integrated with IBM i2 ’s flagship product ANB.

It allows the CDR data of suspects, and Tower Dump to be rendered directly on ANB’s chart for in-depth Analysis. It can also be customized based on client specific need.