Managed Security Services & SOC

Business has changed dramatically, it is now digital and interconnected. Enterprises today know how to collect, analyze and manage all the data to transform the information into actionable knowledge and intelligence. Your business information must remain secured from all kinds of threats ad vulnerabilities. Threats may linger on for months without detection. Technology, Security, Crime methods are increasingly complex and change dynamically. Security management requires CISO and IS team to have expertise across multiple technology domains. Creating in-house capability for all security domains will be a challenge in terms of resource, cost, management.

Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensics, India brings together a professional team of security experts supported by industry tools and reliable infrastructure to offer Assurance of proactive security to clients through transparent and accountable engagement.

Pyramid Managed security services strategically manage threats and create a proactive safeguard to the organization environment from myriad attacks.

How we can help?

  • MSS using automated and manual processes
  • Network device configuration; patch; vulnerability, risk & threat management for all devices
  • Security Incident response, management, investigation, analysis with action update of systems
  • Periodic Vulnerability Assessment and reporting of IT infrastructure
  • Network perimeter monitoring using SIEM tool
  • SIEM tool management

Managed Security Services

Solution Models:

Security Monitoring Solutions

Day-to-day monitoring and interpretation of important system events throughout the network, including unauthorized behavior, malicious hacks and denials of service (DoS), anomalies and trend analysis. It aims at ‘Risk Management’ through centralized analysis using the combined resources consisting of personnel, dedicated hardware and specialized software.



SIEM architecture and design will be developed and the infrastructure will be installed and configured in the Client Premises. The tool and connectors are deployed at the primary client location and configured to monitor security events and provide necessary reports/alerts. Smart connectors will collect logs from the connected devices, filter, and aggregate events and forward them to the SIEM tool for analysis and storage. The logs are then processed through the SIEM correlation engine evaluating each event to develop real-time threat summaries. After correlation processing, the logs are compacted and stored for future analysis… all data remains on premise.

Security Operation Center

An Efficient & Cost-Effective SOC for Your Organisation

Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensics Pvt Ltd believes that security need not be expensive or time-consuming but should be comprehensive log and network monitoring, correlating it to external intelligence such as threat feeds.

Our SOC’s hybrid distributed architecture enables fetching endpoint logs from multiple geographies and correlate them.

We understand each of our customers has unique needs and goals. Our Managed SOC service is the most flexible in the industry and can address all the requirements as the customer prefer.

For example, some organizations prefer to outsource all aspects of administration, logging and monitoring activities of their networks to our SOC team. Others prefer a hybrid model where we provide a fully managed cloud-based SIEM service and they monitor and remediate their own security events. Still, others wish to maintain their own on-premise SIEM system but are looking for our help to either remotely administer their SIEM or monitor alerts.

Pyramid SOC Solution Offers

  • Operational Services
    • Economical 24x7x365 service for continuous monitoring
    • Network monitoring for malicious activity
    • Rapid Security Incident alert and response by experts
    • Threat intelligence
    • Malware Protection
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)
    • Advanced Log and Vulnerability Management
    • Incident Ticketing and workflow management
    • Protection against both perimeter and insider threats
    • Audit Management
    • Document Management system for internal/external use
    • Easy to use Customized Web Portal and Dashboards
  • Governance
    • Create Policies, Procedures, SOC Playbook
    • Assist to establish and train IS organization and IR team
    • Training in incident response
    • Outsourced CISO and Security Operations team
    • Compliance Services
    • Standards / Regulatory requirements like ISO, RBI / IRDA
    • Compliance Compatible Reporting
    • Log Retention Policy
    • Risk Management
    • Access Controls
  • Metrics and Reporting
    • Well defined and meaningful KPIs, KRAs
    • Easy-to-setup and use Search and Alert features
    • Highly configurable report dashboards
  • Forensic investigation and analysis
    • RCA for incidents
    • Data Recovery and analysis
    • Evidence integrity
    • Legal compliance
  • Continuous / Periodic Services
    • Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration testing
    • Web Application Security Testing

Key Features of SOC

  • Built on Scalable Big Data Platform
  • Ability to easily ingest custom application and multiline logs
  • Correlate anything in real time and historical data
  • Readymade Log Shippers
  • Custom shippers for applications
  • Rule and Behavior-based alerts
  • Correlation & Anomaly detection
  • Software Assets Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Cost-Effective

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