IBM Intelligence operations centre: IBM Intelligent Operations Centre helps government leaders manage complex city environments, incidents and emergencies with a city solution that delivers operational insights. It offers integrated data visualization, near real-time collaboration and deep analytics to help city agencies enhance the ongoing efficiency of city operations, plan for growth and coordinate and manage response efforts. IBM Intelligent Operations Centre provides integrated maps, online dashboards, customizable reports, multiple analytic algorithms, interactive standard operating procedures and other tools for improved city operations and incident or emergency response.

Key Features-

  • Share information

Integrate data sources in near real-time to create multifaceted situational awareness of city resources & events and create a collaborative environment for planning, monitoring & sharing information.

  • Analyze performance

Create predictions based on historical city data & identify new patterns using advanced analytics. A status dashboard & trend analysis tracks the progress of city goals as you gain understanding.

  • Coordinate actions

Notify appropriate responders and stakeholders with a personalizable notification system and automated actions. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) ensure no steps are missed.

  • Creating a DB2 data source

Create a data source to acquire data into the solution from a DB2 database and a filter pane to display the data source.

  • Executive dashboard

Use an executive dashboard to view city conditions and assess critical issues quickly.

  • Social media analysis

View and analyze citizens’ social media sentiments regarding city plans and operations.

  • Citizen reporting

View problems reported by citizens and see issue locations on a map.