ViewPoINT – Social Media Monitoring

View PoINT is the tool for extracting information from social media channels, such as:

  • blogs,
  • wikis,
  • news sites,
  • micro-blogs such as Twitter,
  • social networking sites,
  • video/photo sharing websites,
  • forums,
  • message boards and user-generated content from time to time.

It is the tool to gauge current trends in the industry. The process first gathers data from different websites and then performs analysis based on different metrics like content share, comments, replies, and text analytics to identify positive or negative emotions about the brand.



  • Carries out analysis on over 20,000 active onion domains
  • Draws analytics and maps out critical information such as email, contacts, bitcoin details
  • Inbuilt vulnerability scanner helps mapping out critical vulnerabilities in onion domains
  • Full link analysis and monitoring
  • Brand monitoring helps finding database leaks and other critical information such as email databases, documents related to a particular brand
  • Automatically rules out dead onion domains
  • Integrated with 20+ closed source domains


  • Track social trends and sentimental analysis on user posts, comments, replies etc
  • Track posts and user associated with keywords, hashtags and brand names
  • Track User activities, their followers, following and posts
  • Generate analytics like top trending posts, top influencers, shift in user sentiments over any specific topic
  • Get user insights like frequent engagers
  • Depict users all posts with their location and tagged people
  • Draw user graph and interconnection between other users
  • Get User’s active and inactive followers.


  • Video and Channel search based on keywords
  • Track trending videos and sentimental analysis on user comments, replies etc.
  • Generate analytics based on shift in user sentiments over any specific video/channel or keywords
  • Channel details including country, videos and discussion on that channel
  • Filter out information such as emails, social links, country etc. from anywhere within videos, captions and comments


  • Get User Profile Basic Details, Places visited, check ins, places and pages liked, photos by user, tagged, commented, interacted and interested photos, user videos, posts and apps used etc.
  • Get User groups, followers, relatives, co-workers etc.
  • Generate analytics like top posts, user interests’ sentiment analysis on comments and statuses etc.
  • Get user insights like frequent engagers
  • Track People with most and least comments on a post


  • Get User Profile Details
  • List favourites, followers and following
  • Get Trending posts, trending posts by place and by geo locations.


  • Paste search based on keywords
  • Get trending paste by week, month, year and all time trending
  • Track new and most viewed pastes based on keywords