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Digital Forensic Solutions

Digital Crime, Fraud & Forensic Investigation Services

  • Forensic Acquisition, Investigation & Analysis of Digital Evidences
  • Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, e-Discovery
  • Cyber Intelligence & Incidence Response
  • Cryptography, Steganography, Crime Pattern and Link Analysis
  • Remote Forensics and Network Forensics
  • Video Analytic, Layered Voice Analysis & Voice Bio-metrics
  • Forensic Readiness Audit
  • Forensic reporting & testimony support aligned to Information Law

Information Security

  • Design & Architecture, Audit & Assessment, VA-PT, Policy & Process consulting, Data Leak prevention, Information Protection, SIEM, Malware Analytic, Security Analytic
  • SOC in a BOX
  • Consulting & Professional Services on Malware, Exploits, Threats Analysis, Honeypots
  • Multifactor Authentication

Fraud Management